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Angel Investment system brings together capital, experience and new business ideas

Within the scope of the training activities of our chamber, a publicity program was organized in our chamber in order to promote the Angel Investment System, which is a financial tool for start-up or growth initiatives that have difficulty in accessing finance with the cooperation of Ahiler Development Agency.

A training program was organized in cooperation with our Chamber and the Ahiler Development Agency to promote the individual participation capital system, one of the most effective and popular investment systems of recent times. In his opening speech, Ahiler Development Agency Kırıkkale Investment Support Office Coordinator Abdullah Özbaş said that it is not easy to find a business idea that will provide high return in a short time, even if the idea is found, there is not always enough financial resources to realize and develop it. Capitalized and experienced business people say that sometimes they can't find a new idea to invest, and some entrepreneurs have new business ideas but they can't find the resources to realize this business idea. Individual investment capital, or more commonly known as angel investment, comes into play here and brings both sides together on a corporate platform. ” Angel investor, entrepreneurs not only give money, but also shows the way with experience, mentoring in a sense Özbaş said, encouraging entrepreneurs in this system and taking the right steps, they said they provide much faster growth.

In his speech, Chairman of the Board of Directors of our Chamber Ahmet Varlı said the angel investment system, which brings together capital, experience and new business idea, is a very useful tool for developing entrepreneurship, all parties win in this system, both entrepreneur and investor and most importantly our country's economy. We have very successful entrepreneurs, we have a well-educated young population, they produce business ideas that will generate high profits in a short time. Lack of financial resources or insufficient experience should never prevent our entrepreneurs from realizing new business ideas. As the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, we will always be there for our entrepreneurs, business people to learn and actively use these and similar mechanisms, and we will strive to spread this system in the province with our Development Agency. ”


The first presentation of the program was made by Gülsüm Çıracı, co-founder of Istanbul Startup Angels and Startupfon. In his presentation, Çıracı presents the historical development of the angel investment system, the characteristics of the angel investors, the current situation of the system abroad and in our country, the successful and unsuccessful examples, the contributions of the angel investors to the entrepreneur, how to invest and how to invest, when to exit the investment and so on. issues should be paid attention to issues.

Then, Hazel Büşra Hastürk, Expert of the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, made a presentation on the legal regulations  the individual participation capital (angel investment) system. In his presentation, Hastürk explained in detail the requirements for being an individual participation investor, the requirements to be submitted in the application for obtaining a license, tax reductions that investors can benefit from business ideas, and the accreditation of angel investor networks in detail and answered questions from the participants.

Ahmet Varlı, Chairman of Our Chamber, Ahmet Şerbetçioğlu, Secretary General of the Board of Women Entrepreneurs, Suna Arpaçay Özer, President of the Board of Young Entrepreneurs, and industrialists, business people and entrepreneurs participated in the program.

The presentation files containing the information given to the participants in the training program can be accessed from the links below.

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Date : 24.12.2019 / Location : KONFERANS SALONU
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