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The journalism profession has an important place in terms of raising and strengthening social awareness and always prioritizing the public interest. I congratulate the Employees of the press industry, who are the eyes and ears of the people and working under difficult conditions, and the Employees' Journalists Day, with my sincere feelings. Journalism is an honorable and very meaningful profession. It is impossible for us to appreciate the difficulties experienced by our devoted friends and their efforts day and night as a society. Our press has improved significantly from past to present, increasing its effectiveness day by day, as well as its written and visual dimension, and contributes to the strengthening of our democracy. In this development, undoubtedly the biggest share belongs to the press employees who sacrifice their duties. ”



Press employees, who play an important role in raising awareness of our people, strengthening the environment of peace, peace and trust, fulfill these duties with different views and thoughts with an objective and impartial publication understanding. Press workers, working in difficult conditions but struggling for the freedom of information of the society despite all the difficulties, contribute to polyphony with these duties and also play an important role in the healthy functioning of democracy. At the point where our Kırıkkale comes both economically and socially, the contribution of our press organizations as well as non-governmental organizations is considerably significant. With these feelings and thoughts, based on the principle of '' The press is the common voice of a nation '', we once again celebrate the 10 January Employee Journalists' Day with sincerity and celebrate the press employees who have passed the eternity. I remember with mercy.


Ahmet Varlı

Kırıkkale TSO Chairman of the Board

Date : 10.01.2020 / Location :
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