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We came together for the press members, who worked devotedly to inform the public under difficult conditions, for working journalists day.

We came together with the devoted employees of press organizations broadcasting in Kırıkkale at the breakfast event organized by our chamber on the occasion of January 10 Working Journalists Day. Ahmet Varlı, our Chairman of the Board of Directors, Ahmet Şerbetçioğlu, our Secretary General, Cihat Mencet, our deputy chairman, representing the 11th Occupational Group, including the press organizations, Hasan Akyıldız, our Press Release Officer Isa Sarıaydın, and the press members working in the news centers of the media organizations. Our chamber president Ahmet Varlı made a speech and emphasized the importance of the press. Stating that the press is the free and common voice of a nation, Varlı stated that they, as Kırıkkale Chamber of Commerce and Industry, have constant good relations with the press.

Answering the questions of the journalists who attended the breakfast, Varlı gave information about the recent investments made in Kırıkkale. Answering the questions about Kırıkkale Arms Specialized OIZ, Varlı said that they believe that the impact of the region will be great in the future of the city and that they will return Kırıkkale to its old days of attraction in the field of defense industry. Varlı, who gave information about the high-capital multi-partner defense industry company to be established by the TSO in the region, said that the application for the establishment of the company will be concluded this week and that the company to be established by the TSO will have a structure in which other NGOs and the people of Kırıkkale can also be partners. Varlı thanked the press members for their interest in the announcement of the Chamber's activities and the facilities, and commemorated the present and presented gifts of pine gum shepherd gifts to the press members.

Date : 13.01.2020 / Location : DERYA ALABALIK RESTORANT
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