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Kırıkkale Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman Ahmet Varlı wrote a letter containing the measures to be taken with the developments in the economy during the corona virus process that affects life negatively in every field and the 'new normal' process that will take place. The statements published on the Economic News Platform of Varlı, which indicates how Kırıkkale was affected by the process and the point where the manufacturing sector should stop in the new process, are as follows;

The Covid-19 virus, which has become a global epidemic and is still a serious threat to all countries, including our country, has had negative effects in all areas of life. When it comes to human health, being among the countries that take the necessary precautions in a timely manner and implement the necessary measures immediately, prevented us from encountering much more serious pictures. When we compare this situation with European countries, it shows the success of our country on a global scale.

When the damages and epidemic to the world economy are completely under control, the developments that may occur can be seen that the world now has to be reshaped. The production that has stopped due to the difficulties of the sectors affected by the virus in this process may cause the problem of not being able to respond to the demand afterwards. For this reason, as a country that catches up with the normalization process, we can give more weight to production and have a stronger position in foreign markets.

In addition, serious support is needed for sectors that experience the deepest impacts of this difficult process. As in almost all provinces, in our province, almost every sector except food sector has experienced great problems due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Production centers, which are the lifeblood of the economy, need support to increase their activities.

In Kırıkkale, which is a defense industry city, there has been a great decrease in the production of manufacturing companies. Although the priority needs have changed due to the epidemic, after the normalization has started to be seen all over the world, defensive products will take the first place in the countries' needs lists. Therefore, production of defense industry companies should be supported, with a first in Turkey Kırıkkale Specialized Weapons encourage support of companies operating in the industrial zone should be provided.

As Kırıkkale traders and industrialists, we believe that our country will overcome the Covid-19 epidemic in a short time with the measures taken by our state and the support of our people to these measures, so that we will gradually achieve normalization in the economic sense. Just as the precautions taken before the epidemic leaped to our country were successful, creating a production plan on the basis of sectors and providing support packages to the manufacturing companies will also provide an equivalent gain in the future period by taking measures according to the order that will occur at the end of this process. 

Just as the medical devices and healthcare materials produced by our country with domestic and national facilities are shown as an example all over the world, the fact that the products written on Turkish goods in the new order that will occur after the normalization process will take place in foreign markets more than before, will make our country one of the biggest actors in this order.

The key to being in the top leagues for our country is to present the products of the manufacturers, which are facilitated to carry out their activities, to foreign markets. It should be ensured that the producers are saved from unnecessary procedures and respond to the supply explosion in a planned manner, and besides the public banks, all private banks should open their resources to the use of the producer in this process.

Manufacturing sector should be supported in order to be among the leading countries in the new order."

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