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Our Chairman of the Board Ahmet Varlı visited Alfa Solar, which produces solar energy panels in the Organized Industrial Zone, visited the production facilities of the company and received information from General Manager Veysel Karabaş.

Ahmet Varlı, the chairman of the board, who visited the production facilities of Alfa Solar, which produces domestic photovoltaic panels in the Yahsihan Karma Organized Industrial Zone, received information about the production stages from the company's General Manager Veysel Karabaş and Assistant General Manager Orkide Karabaş. Stating that panels producing electricity from solar energy have been widely used in our country in recent years, General Manager Karabaş said that even the houses, offices and even factories produce the electricity they need by means of these energy panels. When Turkey's climatic conditions Given the benefit potential from the sun pointed out that much more than in Europe Karabas panel, the use of a very serious part of the electricity needs of the needs of the country is widespread as in Europe, he said can be achieved in this way. Expressing the problems experienced at the technological production stage made by the company from time to time, Karabaş said that they had great difficulties due to unplanned power outages that could not be found, and they suffered damage due to the fact that the materials in the production line became unprocessable in every interruption. Stating that they will do the necessary work for the solution of this problem, Varlı said that the necessary attempts were made as soon as possible to solve the requests and demands of the members during the visits. Varlı also stated that, if it is deemed feasible after the necessary technical studies have been carried out, the solar panel system can be used in the factory that will be installed by our room in Arms Specialized OIZ.

Date : 29.05.2020 / Location : OSB
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