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We visited Sinerji Weapons and Ammunition Inc., one of the leading Defense Industry Companies in Kırıkkale. Adnan Duman, the owner of the company, one of the first entrepreneurs of the OIZ specialized in arms, provided information. Chairman of The Board Ahmet Varlı said that we are proud of  Synergy Weapons and Ammunition  is being among the fastest growing of the top 100 companies in 2018.

We visited Sinerji Weapon and Ammunition Inc., a member of our chamber, which is one of the first companies that started its activities in Weapon Specialized Organized Industrial Zone. Receiving information about the business from the owner of the firm Adnan Duman, who is the owner of the company, who has realized innovative and successful projects in many areas in the sector. Ahmet Varlı  said that he is proud of Sinerji Weapons and Ammunition Inc., who has made a name for himself in the sector with his successes so far. Weapons Specialized  large investment in the point of employment with the company that makes a great contribution to the company's new facilities will produce more productive projects and  Varlı underlined that the company also sets an example for companies thinking of investing. Duman, who introduced the units of the factory to Mr. Nizamettin Ayyıldız, who was present and ready to visit, also gave information about the new product planned to be included in the inventory of law enforcement officers in a short time.

Date : 12.07.2019 / Location : SİLAH OSB
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