As Chamber of Commerce and Industry serves to especially our members and also our people;

  • Providing solutions in the direction of expectations of the members,
  • Contributing to employment through entrepreneurship trainings,
  • To support the economic and social development of the region, in addition to conduct a project or take in partnership,
  • Creating synergies by bringing together public, private and non-governmental organizations in line with the common interests of the region in terms of location and its role,
  • The purpose of the development of the provincial economy brings to local, national and international investors and in particular non-active local capital to the provincial economy, to promote Kırıkkale in the regional arenas, to carry out infrastructure studies for investments and to support local, national and international institutions and organizations to make cooperations.In line with this mission, Kirikkale Weapon Specialization OIZ and Keskin OIZ will continue to work as entrepreneurs delegation. Kırıkkale Teknokent as a partner to Kirikkale to encourage any kind of investment. To encourage all kind of investing for Kırıkkale with Kırıkkale Technocity partnership as KTSO.
  • To carry out all these activities within the framework of Corporate Governance Principles, supporting the development of employees and contemporary management within the legal requirements and total quality principles.

Date: 8.03.2019
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