Kırıkkale Chamber of Commerce and Industry will work to fulfill the duties assigned by the legislation and written services in the foundation law by protecting the discipline, morality and solidarity by honoring the honesty and confidence for meeting the needs of its members and facilitating and developing their professional activities.

KTSO has obtained from the members with the authorization given by the law numbered 5174; shall fulfill the purposes of establisment mentioned above with the resources consisting of registry fee, yearly contribution, added contribution, charges for services rendered, price of documents, like that grants or aids and other incomes.

Especially financial strucure of chamber;

  • Social responsibility,
  • Continuity,
  • Measurability and is defined with documents,
  • Transparency and objectivity,
  • Consistency in planning and budgeting,
  • KTSO will act in accordance with accounting principles and rules such as financial risk management, saving and prudence.

Our chamber will make all current and same expenditures for its fields of activity in order to contribute to the economic and social life of our province, our region and our country, and to develop strong trade and industrial policies.

Date: 3.08.2019
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